We supply organic Lentil, which has a great taste and is highly beneficial for muscle and bone growth. Originating from Canada and Australia and shipped in Bulk (Farm Dressed, Machine cleaned) and bagged packaging. Verities are Green (Laird, Richlea, Eston), Red (Crimson, Red split), Nugget, Nipper, Northfield.



Our Chickpeas are 100% organic and are rich in protein (35-40%), iron (30-35%), magnesium (25-30%), etc. and promote muscle growth. Green Peas (Whole and Split), Yellow Peas (Whole and Split), Chickpeas (Kabuli, B/90, Jimbour and Desi), Pigeon Peas, We are Sourcing from Australia, North America and East Africa in farm dressed or commercially



Our high-quality Beans are enriched with protein (40-45%), magnesium (40-45%), iron (25-30%), etc. Colored Beans (Dark/Light Red Kidney beans, Black, Cranberry, Pinto, Black Eye, Broad, Faba) and White Beans (Alubia, Great Northern, Cali, Sira, Chali, Dermason, Navy). Rhein is managing the Supply chain of the product from Canada, USA, Ethiopia,